Exit Ghost

The fading physical presence of media represents a profound break with past modes of consumption, distribution, exchange and storage.

Seeking to explore the declining role of tangible media as containers of culture and guardians against future uncertainty, Exit Ghost transforms and disturbs these media by ignoring their content, focusing instead on the performance of surface. The series presents medium minus message in order to reveal the last traces of media as a physical entity (“Appearing as disappeared”) and a cultural residue.

The images are created by the physical movement of mass-market media - books, CDs and DVDs - during scanning. The flatbed scanner re-performs these objects through the confusion of movement, leaving an image that is the residue of the soon-to-be-obsolete scanner’s incomprehension.

Alongside these scans are the tangible presences of books, vinyl, cassette tape, VHS tape, CDs, and DVDs.

Website: www.nickscammell.com